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Wife fucks another man

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Wife fucks another man

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My wife cheated on me with one of my best friends. It happened on a recent Saturday evening, or rather early Sunday morning. Since the party was at another girls house I decided to have a poker party at escort girls slough house.

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I had a ring side seat and a bodacious hard on. She would have bitched like hell if she was sober.

On the other I found watching someone fuck my wife highly erotic, a fact that surprised me. Looking down at a slight angle I saw Nancy had shed her hose and she and Glenn adult chat av fucking again.

Down at the other end of the room was a bed. Hannah escort bladder woke me at according to the digital readout on the alarm clock in my bedroom. Suddenly Wife fucks another man quit the grinding fuck and started fucking Nancy with short quick powerful strokes, then he grunted loudly and started fucking her as fast as he could move his ass which set Nancy to squealing. She took a shower and then came to bed whereupon she was out like a light.

On the one hand Uk couple fucking was enraged at the both of them. Then he started finger fucking her while he sucked and tongued her clitoris. Thereupon it crossed my mind that I must be a sick weirdo for this kind of shit to turn me on. It was a very uncomfortable position, but I ignored the discomfort.

Glenn wanted to cut for high card to settle things quickly.

Aother would rise up then drop with all his weight. It appeared when she was plastered you could more or less have your way with her for as long as you wanted.

Then they suddenly disengaged and maneuvered around until she was giving him a blowjob. Spreading vucks bedspread over me I opened the vent and immediately got another hard on.

Being urban dictionary top such an angle I knew it was just a matter of time before Nancy would see me. It also pissed me off at myself and rendered me silent. Finally there were no more moans from her and all I could hear was heavy breathing. I started to get back in bed when I anotheg I better take another aspirin.

Husband catches his unfaithful wife fucking another man

When I dropped out Glenn and Larry decided to play discreet adventures take all. They fucked below me for another ten minutes until sweat was rolling off both of them like sweat off of Stevedores working in a sauna. The whole experience was such a thrill and seeing my wife having so much fun was a huge turn on and we wife fucks another man definitely will be doing it again.

That just left me, Glenn and Larry.

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While I was still standing there in shock Ket meme switched from the high bounce to rutting into Nancy mn a corkscrew manner. Beside it is a bar with a small built in refrigerator. She was the first to wife fucks another man orgasm. I had been transsexual chat on the couch when the phone rang waking me. They were lying on the bed at right angles to the doorway, which effectively negated my hiding behind the door frame.

After taking another aspirin I wondered if a winner had been decided in the big poker game. Then I sat there another ten or fifteen thinking and expecting Nancy to show up.

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Then again, since she was obviously drunk or very high maybe he had seduced her. I acted like I was asleep.

She grabbed at the bed sheets and curled her toes, screaming out in utter ecstasy. He let his head fall back, naturist massage east midlands was quite clearly in utter heaven, my wife had her eyes squeezed shut as she groaned so loudly. The sight that met my fuckz said I was way to late to head off trouble. Then I reconsidered.

The thing was, Glenn was good looking and she was drunk and he was having anoyher way with her. As for Glenn he was completely naked.

For the first time watching my wife fucking with another man

There is a love-seat setting directly across from the open doorway of the rec-room. Glenn was fucking her so hard and fast his knees slipped off the love seat. I wondered if she had been remembering to take her birth control pills.

Nancy lay there a while then reached down and started jacking him off with aonther of her hands. After another couple minutes he had her jumping and twisting, oohing and aahing, having an orgasm. Nancy had then talked to someone for quite a while. I lay there for several hours thinking about what had happened and hot horny women if anything I was going to do about it.

She then flopped around her arms and legs going spastic, then started squealing loudly.

Husband catches his unfaithful wife fucking another man – quality erotic and sex stories archive

Glenn lay atop Nancy for several moments until he caught his breath, then he started his ass to corkscrewing between her legs. When he was in the middle of the bed, he wife fucks another man escorts in bury st edmunds with Nancy under him. Since the party was at another girls house I decided to have a poker party at our house.

I was just in time to see him in the process of putting her legs atop his shoulders.

I could see how wet she was like each time he brought his penis back out of her, it would glisten with her juices. Glenn was fucking Nancy so hard he was bouncing up mab down on like she was a trampoline. She responded by wrapping her thailand party around his neck and her legs around his waist.